ordering DAZZLE®

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The app is listed under the name "DazzleGame," and it is fun to play!

Here's what some players have said about the app: "elegant and exciting" ... "addictive!" ... "a great change from the usual, busy games" ... "creative and aesthetically pleasing..."


DAZZLE, the board game, has been greatly enjoyed by a select group of people for several years. It is still hand-made by the artist and sold in signed and numbered editions.

Order direct from the artist.

The board game is made by special order, lovingly constructed from conservation board, archival binding tape, and hand-colored with a special Sharpie pen! It comes with a nifty foldable board (fits in a pocket!), dice, playing pieces and rules - all in a lovely ziploc bag.

DAZZLE takes about 4 hours to make, more time than it takes the artist to do a $500 painting, so it's a bargain at $35.* Signed and numbered, they're sure to become collectors items!

There is also a three-player version available, using three colors (black, white, gray) for more complex designs, available for $75.*

* Plus shipping and handling. Limited time offer. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

To arrange a custom order, or for more info, e-mail: info@dazzlegame.com